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Welcome to! We consider it a privilege to provide our community with a local search engine to find Long Beach based websites. Please observe the following submit site guidelines:

LBOL is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information submitted, posted or transmitted by users of LBOL. In addition, submissions and listings do not reflect the view of LBOL,,, its affiliates, or the directors, officers or employees of any of the foregoing.

Do not submit any sites or URLs, that link to innapropriate or offensive, materials or information or any sort of innapropriate or offensive discussion. Any such submissions will be subject to removal by moderators.

Do not use obscene or otherwise inappropriate language or material in your submissions. LBOL reserves the right to deny or remove any submissions that it deems inappropriate at any time.

Be advised that by submitting your site, you authorize LBOL to use and/or authorize others to use all or part of your submission in any manner, format, or medium that LBOL or other such parties see fit.

LBOL reviews the content of each submission. The inclusion of a given site is the sole decision of and is final.

LBOL reserves the right to edit submissions including its keywords, categories and content.

If you have concerns about any content you have seen in LBOL search engine, please send an e-mail message to Please state the nature of your concern, with as much detail as possible (where you saw the content, and the posted information, etc.). The LBOL Manager will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible.

None of, LBOL, its affiliates, or the directors, officers or employees of any of the foregoing shall have any liability based on the use of sites posted on, including any liability for infringement of any proprietary or other right in sites. You shall have no claim or other recourse, including injunctive relief, against in connection with your site listings or submissions by any other participant in (LBOL) search engine.

Simply stated -- Sites listed or submitted may be denied, edited or removed by LBOL at any time. This document and its contents may changed at any time without notice.


The operators of this site assume no liability for any information contained at this site.

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