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    Long Beach Volunteer Registry
    Recognition Registry for Community Volunteers

    Volunteers are Priceless
    It has been said that some things have a monetary value, while other things are “priceless.” Volunteer work is priceless. Not motivated by money, a volunteer will often work harder and with more motivation than money could ever buy.

    Experienced Resources
    Experiences of past volunteers are an important community resource. New volunteers often need someone who has performed a certain job to ask how to do it. Sometimes we just need to know what works best or what doesn't work at all.

    We want to List All Past and/or Present Community Volunteers
    Fill out the form below to submit the name of a person (even yourself) who has donated their “priceless” time and effort to make the Long Beach community a better place. You may have a parent or grandparent that was a volunteer -- we want to recognize them and say thank you.

    Please fill in all of the information reqested below.
    We will review your entry prior to our next update.

    * denotes required items

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    You may select 2 categories for
    your entry to appear under.

    *Volunteered in:

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    If the volunteer is willing to be contacted by Email for advice please submit the volunteer's E-mail Address (optional):

    The following information is only for our records and will not be posted.

    *Your Name:

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    List names of organizations and years.
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